Peter  Morico

Peter Morico

Engineering Fellow
Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems

As the Power Cell Enterprise Campaign (PCEC) lead, Peter Morico is identifying and promoting new discriminating power technology across all Raytheon business units to advance Raytheon products and pursuits. The PCEC enables innovations in batteries, fuel cells, engines, renewables, ultracaps, large scale energy storage, power conversion, and smart energy management to address the growing customer demand for fuel savings, autonomy, and energy security. An example of this work, Raytheon’s renewable hybrid generator, can be seen on the front cover of the DoD Operational Energy Strategy inaugural edition.

Peter Morico began his professional career at Hughes Aircraft Company, designing hybrid microcircuits and power supplies for military satellites. His passion for power design inspired him to move from California to Massachusetts to design the first generation of kinetic hit-to-kill infrared seeker electronics.

As a 30 year veteran in the defense and aerospace industry, and 13 years at Raytheon, Morico has led power conversion design teams for several major surface radar programs as well as numerous internal research and design projects. He serves on the board of directors of the Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition and is frequently called upon to solve complex technical problems and conduct customer, academia and industry briefings.